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The hotel registration form - the digital solution

von Selina Strobel | 04.02.2020 | Reading time: 6 minutes

The electronic registration form can be used in hotels since the beginning of the year with the new Bureaucracy Relief Act III. We explain how a digital and technically secure solution can look. Strong Customer Authentication, or SCA for short, provides the answer. This method can be used to handle the digital process, and all that is required of guests is possession of a credit card. The digital registration form can thus be carried out either via the guest's own terminal device or via a tablet or kiosk at the reception desk. With both options, the guest is securely identified via the 2-factor procedure (Strong Customer Authentication) in accordance with the Bureaucracy Relief Act III.

Digital authentication of the guest

The same procedure is used here as for an online purchase. Possession of the guest's credit card is the first factor, and knowledge of the associated password or confirmation of the transaction via a TAN procedure is the second factor in strong customer authentication. Confirmation of the transaction by means of a TAN is only valid via a corresponding app of the credit institution - in this app, the guest either receives a corresponding TAN after entering his credit card data or confirms the transaction by clicking in the app. The credit card is not charged during the process, but is used exclusively to authenticate the guest. Since the procedure is common for online commerce, this type of authentication can be easily implemented for a wide range of your guests.

In practice, it works like this: the guest fills in all the data for the registration form upon arrival at the hotel using a tablet at the reception desk or his own smartphone. At the end, he is asked to provide his credit card details (1st factor of authentication: possession of the credit card). Confirmation then takes place via a request for the credit card's password or via the credit card's TAN procedure (2nd factor of authentication: knowledge of the password or TAN) and the process is complete. The data is saved as a PDF and can be retrieved quickly and easily by hotel staff when visiting the authorities. 

Digital registration form with simple digital signature

Alternatively, you can additionally offer the simple digital signature instead of the digital authentication via straiv by CODE2ORDER. This applies in cases where a digital authentication of the guest is not possible (no credit card available or no TAN procedure possible) or the guest does not want an authentication via his credit card. In these cases, the simple digital signature is automatically requested.

Guests who do not have a smartphone can enter the data for the registration form directly via a tablet at the reception desk and confirm it with a simple digital signature.

The digital registration form in use: conclusion and recommendation for practice 

In our opinion, a combination of digital authentication and the simple digital signature of the guests represents the best solution, taking into account the current legal situation. If all the requirements for digital authentication are in place among the guest and they agree to this authentication, the registration form can be processed digitally. If this is not the case, a simple digital signature can be required from the guest. This ensures a seamless digital process. In addition, our solution allows the hotel itself to set the time at which this type of signature can be provided, such as on the day of arrival. We have therefore created a way to fully digitalize the registration form.

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