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Hotel of the month: MK Hotel Group

von Selina Strobel | 04.05.2021 | Reading time: 5 minutes
This month we interviewed Arno Sonderfeld, Managing Director of Schlossbräu MK Hotels GmbH, in our "Hotel of the Month" column. MK Hotels has already been using straiv by straiv by CODE2ORDER solutions for 4 years and has now automated the complete check-in process including web door opening. In addition to straiv by straiv by CODE2ORDER, the hotel group relies on the PMS protel and the locking system provider 4SUITES.

What digital solutions do you use to streamline your hotel processes?

We cover the guest journey using straiv by CODE2ORDER, including the complete mailing (Journey Mailing), which we use to send out all the important information about the hotel stay. For check-in, we use straiv by CODE2ORDER in combination with the property management system protel, the payment provider Adyen and the door locking system provider 4SUITES.

Guests can fill out the registration form either from home via their own smartphone or upon arrival at the hotel via a tablet. In addition, we use the digital guest folder, here we primarily use the option for guests to cancel housekeeping during their stay.

What were your reasons to digitalize the entire check-in process, including door opening?

We believe that these options will increase in demand in the future - or rather, it will be normal for hotel guests to be able to control their stay in the hotel with their own smartphone.

We also want to enable a 24h check-in and we also believe that our front office is there to provide service to the guest or to offer personal support - but not for administrative tasks like manual check-in and check-out. Digital solutions can take care of that.

In the beginning we were only looking for a digital guest folder because we didn't want to have printed guest folders in every room anymore, which will be outdated very quickly in a fast-growing company. That's why we decided to go with the digital guest folder. Additionally, we want to offer our guests a native web experience via their own smartphone.

In the last few months, our main thought was to make it possible for our guests to check via QR code and additionally get into the room without key cards - which are often misplaced or forgotten in the room. That's how 4SUITES came into play for us. It was clear to us that we needed a web-based solution here as well. The focus was on the guest, for whom we wanted to create a 360-degree experience in which he can control everything via his own smartphone. Similar to various airlines - there I receive my boarding pass on my smartphone which guides me through the whole process.

4SUITES is a fairly young company in the market, and they are trying very hard and giving their all to ultimately satisfy the customer.

It's a great experience to see the solutions protel, straiv by CODE2ORDER and 4SUITES are integrated perfectly so processes can be streamlined smoothly. 

We now have an opening rate of 65% via the digital key. This means that only a small proportion of our guests actually need a key card.

How did you decide on a locking system provider?

We looked for app-free solutions - we don't believe in guests downloading an app for every hotel. No one does that these days.  The faster and simpler the process, the greater the adaption on the guest side - that's the only way it will work. 4SUITES and straiv by CODE2ORDER are providers that have focused on a web solution from the beginning, which is why we ended up there.

What are the biggest advantages of digital solutions for you?

The well-functioning interface and communication between the solutions, i.e. protel, straiv by CODE2ORDER and 4SUITES, make it possible to automate processes, which in turn gives us more freedom and flexibility. In general, the use of digital solutions makes our work at the reception desk much easier.

With straiv by CODE2ORDER we offer our guests a service similar to that of an online store. Through the integration with Adyen as a payment provider, guests can complete the entire check-in process with payment before arrival. Guests can then arrive in their own time, completely relaxed. They don't have to worry about whether someone is on site at the hotel to take care of everything, but can take care of everything themselves.

What advantages does straiv by CODE2ORDER offer you?

We appreciate the fact that straiv by CODE2ORDER is an all-round package for us because, for example, we have also digitized the guest folder and use the option Journey Mailing. With those solutions the guest receives all the information about their stay on their own smartphone before arrival and we keep our guests informed automatically during and after the stay.

In addition, the Green Choice option (through which guests can cancel room cleaning) helps us to optimize the cleaning process and make savings here as well, and it helps us to work in a more environmentally friendly way.

We also very much appreciate the flexibility in the team at straiv by CODE2ORDER and the quick implementation of new suggestions and things that play a big role for us in our daily hotel life. Here, straiv by CODE2ORDER is proactive and approaches the relevant partners to provide practical solutions for our processes through digitalization.

What is your vision for the future / what else do you want to implement?

We will definitely continue to expand our deployment with 4SUITES. In addition, we have brought in adyen as a payment provider. Here, we would also like to integrate payment during pre check-in or online check-in via straiv by CODE2ORDER. The payment will then be booked directly at protel. There can be no more process errors - it is a great, well functioning system. 

Many thanks to Arno Sonderfeld (Managing Director of Schlossbräu MK Hotels GmbH) for the interview and the trust in our solutions and our team!

More info about MK Hotels can be found here.

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