WEB Door opening without app: The innovation from SALTO and CODE2ORDER

von Selina Strobel | 06.04.2021 | Reading time: 4 minutes
SALTO and straiv by CODE2ORDER have integrated their systems to offer a fully digitalized and automated guest journey - including web door opening via the hotel guests' own smartphone - for all types of hotels.
Jens Philipsenburg from DQuadrat Living GmbH explains how the digital guest journey in the hotel, including web door opening, is implemented in practice:

A digital guest journey promises both guests and hotel operators a number of advantages

For hotel guests, it offers the convenience of checking in digitally, filling out the registration form and receiving their digital keys - without an app download - regardless of reception opening hours. Hotel operators benefit from cost savings and seamless processes. This is because hotel staff are no longer involved in the administrative process from check-in to door opening to check-out. Hotel guests handle these steps independently on their own mobile device with the help of solutions from straiv by CODE2ORDER and SALTO.Guests can thus control their entire hotel stay via their own smartphone. This works via the digital hotel services of straiv by CODE2ORDER, which are based on a PWA (Progressive Web App). The Progressive Web App offers the same functions as a native app - with the great advantage that no app needs to be downloaded to the smartphone.

The innovative WEB door opening embeds itself seamlessly into the digital guest journey

Hotel guests receive a confirmation email after booking, directly pointing them to the check-in. With one click, they are taken to the PWA of straiv by CODE2ORDER, which can be customized for hotels, to enter all the details for the registration form and check-in. After check-in, they automatically receive their digital keys in the PWA. These authorize guests to open all doors unlocked for them during the booked length of stay. This includes, for example, the main entrance and the room door, but also access to conference rooms and spa areas as well as access to parking spaces. The door opening itself is done via a simple swipe in the PWA.

SALTO's access management software automatically assigns access rights based on the booking data in the PMS and the digital check-in, which are then available to hotel guests via the straiv by CODE2ORDER solution. The mutual integration of the systems ensures the receipt of the booking data, the provision of the digital keys and the general data exchange.

 "By working with SALTO, we are enabling hotel businesses to eliminate the need for manual intervention in the entire check-in process. The digital Guest Journey guides hotel guests through all steps including the digital key - and without an app download. We are very pleased to have found an innovative partner in SALTO, with whom we can further advance web door opening and digitalization in hotels," explains Alexander Haußmann, founder and CEO of straiv by CODE2ORDER GmbH.

"Thanks to the joint integration of SALTO and straiv by CODE2ORDER, hoteliers can offer their guests a completely digital guest journey - without them having to download an app. This saves costs, reduces errors and promises guests enormous flexibility and more convenience. With our two companies, two of the most innovative and important drivers for the digitalization of hotels have come together and we look forward to many joint users benefiting from the advantages of the integrated solution," said Axel Schmidt, Managing Director of SALTO Systems GmbH.

About SALTO Systems

SALTO Systems has been providing state-of-the-art wireless electronic access control solutions since 2001. The company is committed to continuous development to provide the most technologically advanced and flexible electronic access solutions for every type of door and need. This has allowed SALTO to establish itself as a global leader in electronic access control solutions.

The company enhances the value of its brand by representing solutions that set new standards in security, usability, flexibility and design.

The groundbreaking SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) with its patented Data-on-Card technology is the foundation of this success. At the same time, with SALTO KS Keys as a Service as well as JustIN Mobile, the company is one of the technology leaders in cloud access solutions and mobile access.

SALTO has revolutionized access control in a wide range of industries and applications and today offers electronic access solutions for markets around the world, whether for office and administration buildings, public facilities, hotels, the healthcare sector, education, wholesale and retail or airports.

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