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With straiv by CODE2ORDER, hotel guests check in digitally via their own smartphone or a check-in kiosk. Hotels avoid long lines and dissatisfied guests at the reception desk, hotel staff is relieved. The solution is available on any of your guests' mobile devices - without downloading an app.

Smartphone-Ansicht des Online Check-ins von straiv

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The digital hotel check-in from straiv without app download!

No waiting times

By eliminating the waiting time at the reception, you make your guests more satisfied.

More time for your guests

More time for personal guest care, due to relief of hotel staff.

Fewer errors

Thanks to the automated data transfer through our interfaces, there are fewer errors.

Flexible check-in times

Much flexibility for the guest, as check-in is not tied to reception hours

Without app download

Customization of the solution to the hotel design, no app download required for guests.

Digital processes

Both the payment, the door opening and the digital registration form with signature can be handled digitally in the check-in process.

Mockup eines erfolgreich durchgeführten Online Check-in auf dem Smartphone eines Hotelgastes

Digital check-in via your own smartphone

Guests complete check-in & check-out via their own smartphone - no app download required.

  1. Fill in the registration form before arrival at the hotel
  2. Remind guest of check-in in advance (with Journey Messaging from straiv by CODE2ORDER)
  3. Store all booking information in Wallet Pass

Check-in via check-in kiosk

Guests complete check-in & check-out via a check-in kiosk.

  1. Guests can digitally fill in their registration form, activate and pay for key cards.
  2. Login at the kiosk via booking number, last name or QR code
  3. No assistance required from hotel staff
Ansicht eines durchgeführten Check-in auf einem Tablet
Ansicht eines durchgeführten Check-in auf einem Tablet

Check-in via tablet at the reception

Guests complete check-in & check-out via a tablet at the front desk.

  1. Guests can fill out the registration form on the tablet
  2. Key Cards can be activated Payment can be made
  3. Assistance required from hotel staff

Success Stories

Successful testimonials with our Digital Check-In

More than 2,500 hotels and hotel groups in 29 countries already rely on solutions from straiv by CODE2ORDER

Success Stories

Satisfied hotels that use digital check-in

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about digital check-in for your guests

Hotel guests can pay digitally at check-in or at check-out. You can set in the backend of the solution digital check-in & -out when the payment should be made by your guests. The function is always dependent on which PMS and payment provider you use. A listing of our partners for digital check-in & -out can be found here.

No. The request for credit card data is used solely to ensure two-factor authentication of hotel guests. This replaces the analog signature on the registration form. No payment is made here.

When signing legally through a payment provider, no amount of money will be deducted, an amount of 0,00€ will be debited. This is necessary to be able to guarantee the specifications of the legally compliant two-factor authentication of the guests.

The “Payment” function requires a more extensive interface with additional functions to the payment provider in order to make an actual payment. Therefore, this module is available from the Legend package.

No. Our payment model is based solely on the number of your hotel rooms. The number of check-ins performed per month is not charged.

No. The CODE2ORDER software is further developed with new functions on a monthly basis. This is completely free of charge for you.