Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the digital companion for your guests

Online Check-in & -out

Können Hotelgäste bereits beim Check-in online bezahlen?

Hotelgäste können beim Check-in oder beim Check-out digital bezahlen. Sie können im Backend der Lösung digitaler Check-in & -out einstellen, wann die Zahlung von Ihren Gästen getätigt werden soll. Die Funktion ist immer Abhängig davon, welches PMS und welchen Zahlungsanbieter Sie nutzen. Eine Auflistung unserer Partner für den digitalen Check-in & -out finden Sie hier.

Ist die rechtskonforme Unterschrift auf dem digitalen Meldeschein eine Art Bezahlung ?

Nein. Die Abfrage der Kreditkartendaten dient ausschließlich zur Gewährleistung der Zwei-Faktor Authentifizierung der Hotelgäste. Diese ersetzt die analoge Unterschrift des Meldescheins. Hier wird keine Zahlung getätigt.

Worin liegt der Unterschied zwischen der rechtskonformen Unterschrift über Zahlungsanbieter und der Funktion Zahlung?

Bei der rechtskonformen Unterschrift über einen Zahlungsanbieter wird kein Geldbetrag abgezogen, es wird ein Betrag von 0,00€ abgebucht. Dies ist nötig, um die Vorgaben der rechtskonformen Zwei-Faktor Authentifizierung der Gäste gewährleisten zu können.

Die Funktion "Zahlung" erfordert eine umfangreichere Schnittstelle mit weiteren Funktionen zum Zahlungsanbieter, um eine tatsächliche Zahlung durchführen zu können. Deshalb ist dieses Modul ab dem Paket Legend verfügbar.

Wird eine Zahlung für CODE2ORDER pro Check-in fällig?

Nein. Unser Zahlungsmodell bezieht sich ausschließlich auf die Anzahl Ihrer Hotelzimmer. Die Anzahl der durchgeführten Check-ins pro Monat wird nicht abgerechnet.


Zahlen wir für Software - Updates?

Nein. Die CODE2ORDER Software wird monatlich mit neuen Funktionen weiterentwickelt. Das ist völlig kostenfrei für Sie.

Erhalten Hotelgäste Push Benachrichtigungen aufs Smartphone?

Ja, sofern Sie bei der Digitalen Gästemappe das Modul "Push Nachrichten" aktiviert und bestellt haben, erhalten Hotelgäste Push Benachrichtigungen auf das Smartphone.

How and when can I provide my guests all the information?
With our solution you create a digital experience throughout the entire guest journey. Provide the right information and services at the right time at the right place and support your guests from their first stay, including digital check-in and out, on to their next direct booking in your house.
Can this solution be integrated in already existing systems?
Yes our solution can be integrated in your systems seamlessly. Since our interface is open it is possible to send and integrate every external data record to it. Concurrently any data record can be exported out of our solution.
Can this solution be matched to my wishes and requirements?
As we provide a completely independent system to every hotel you can fill yours with exactly the content that is relevant to you and your guests. We adjust all functions and contents as well as colours and pictures based on your standards and unique hotel design.
How do my guests get to the solution?
Your guests can access the digital travel companion either by a link in your booking confirmation, by wifi log in or by a QR-code that you can print on poster stands for example. With our web based solution you reach your guests while they are at your hotel, on the go or even at home.
Do I need an app or any hardware to use CODE2ORDER?
No, our novel technology makes it possible to use all advantages of an app even without downloading one. The solution we provide works on every device, so there is no need for you to invest in expensive hardware since your guests can simply use their own device.
Does the solution help me to improve my feedback and my online reputation?
Our technology makes it possible to query feedback while your guests are still staying in your house and react to it right away. Positive feedback is forwarded to public platforms like TripAdvisor or TrustYou directly while negative feedback remains internal. This makes it possible for you to respond immediately and turn an unsatisfied guest into a happy one.
Can I save any money by using this system?
The digital travel companion provides a simple and easy solution for your guest communication. Information about room cleaning for the next day or repair work that needs to be done can be reported quickly. Interfaces with operation tools such as HotelKit enables you to process your tasks automatically and more efficiently.
Is it possible to boost my additional sales?
With our digital companion you can boost your sales effortlessly. Promote special spa offerings, weekly events or daily happy hours - comfortable booking from the hotel room has never been easier.
How can I increase my sales by the use of push-notifications?
With the help of push-notifications you can promote your campaigns for more additional sales and direct bookings (such as seasonal offerings) even before your guests arrived or after they left already.
How can I generate more direct bookings?
By integrating your booking engine the digital companion serves as an additional direct booking channel, free of commission to third-party providers. Use push-messages to contact your guests who already left your hotel and boost your direct bookings.
What benefits are provided by the group solution?
Guests of one house can inform themselves about more locations and hotels of your group and discover different offers. This way you make your hotel group digitally perceptible for your guests.
Is it possible to provide the same information in every house of the group at the same time?
Yes, by means of our group solution all the hotels of one group are connected among each other, so information can be sent from the head office to every house.
Can I still provide individual information to my guests even if I use the group solution?
Yes, since we provide a completely independent system to every hotel you can fill yours with exactly the content that is relevant to you and your guests.
How does CODE2ORDER support my hotel with digitalization?
With CODE2ORDER you have the perfect solution for digital guest communication - Boost your direct bookings, improve your online reputation or increase your guest engagement throughout the whole guest journey.

By integrating a link in your booking confirmation your guests get to our digital companion easily. Once they entered the system they have access to all the information you provide in your digital guest folder, including special offers promoted.

Also your guests can easily check-in online prior to their stay. This way you accompany your guests along the whole guest journey.

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