Contactless check-in for hotel guests.

No app or hardware required.

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  • Contactless check-in for hotel guests
    Let your guests fill in all relevant data required for your check-in process from home or on the way and avoid long queues at the front desk.

  • No app or hardware - Contactless process
    The new technology is available on every device of your guests - without downloading an app. Thereby you offer a fully contactless service for your hotel check-in.

  • Fast implementation & integrations
    In just a few minutes the solution will be adapted to your requirements and your guests can check-in with their own mobile device. By connecting to your hotel systems in use - such as our PMS partner protel - you will automate processes even further and minimize administrative tasks. Find out more about our integration partners.

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Attention. No hotel check-in & registration possible for hotel guests. Please contact your hotel directly. Request form exclusively for hotels, hotel staff & people interested in our hotel software.

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Invite your guests to a contactless check-in

Invite your guests to the digital check-in with your booking confirmation. Simply integrate a personalized check-in link provided by straiv by CODE2ORDER into the booking confirmation of your PMS or emails that are automatically sent to your guests via external booking platforms or our own mailing solution 'Journey Mailing'.  By clicking on the link your guests have access to the online check-in.

More than 2.500 hotels and hotel groups in 29 countries rely on the progressive guest journey solutions from straiv by CODE2ORDER.

Nicole Dembour-Schillo

"At the present time digitalization is not "nice to have" but simply consistent. Our guests expect automated processes, we put our guests at the centre in our daily work and we serve exactly this desire with CODE2ORDER."