This is us

It all started in 2015 with the idea to simplify ordering and payment in the restaurant for guests. Our founders Fabian Hieber, Patrick Luik and Alexander Haußmann then developed a solution that made it possible to place the order in the restaurant with one's own smartphone and to request the bill digitally...

We digitize the hotel experience for the guest

The gastronomy was not ready yet. We decided to change the business model and focus. The solution was further developed for another industry with similar challenges - the hotel industry. From the beginning, it was clear we wanted to offer a hotel experience for guests without downloading an app and without additional hardware.

New company headquarters in Stuttgart

In 2016, we presented the new solution at INTERGASTRA and moved the company headquarters to Stuttgart. Two years later, we were awarded the INTERGASTRA Innovation Prize and reached the magic sound barrier of 1,000 hotels. Without financial investors and still without an app and without additional hardware.

Rebranding for a perfect brand experience

Today, over 3,000 branded, individual and chain hotels in 29 countries rely on our advanced solution. The trend is still upward. This makes us proud and spurs us on.

Consciously different

From the beginning, we do things our own way. Together we go our own way - simply because what we do drives us. We think, act and are #ConsciouslyDifferent. Our team is made up of unique people from a wide variety of backgrounds. What unites us all is that each of us wants to do meaningful work - and we do this every day with our common mission to make the hotel stay a digital experience for every guest, to digitize processes in the hotel and to offer a holistic solution for a digital guest journey.

Patrick Luik

Founder & Managing Director

As Managing Director, Patrick Luik is responsible for corporate strategy, product management, finance, HR and administration. In addition, he has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Reinhold Maier Stiftung Baden-Württemberg since 2016.

Alexander Haußmann

Founder & Managing Director

As Managing Director, Alexander Haußmann is responsible for Marketing, Sales and Customer Success.

Fabian Hieber

Founder & IT Manager

As IT Manager, Fabian Hieber is responsible for both the further development of our existing solution and the development of new solutions.