Frequently asked questions about our solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about digital check-in & check-out

Hotel guests can pay digitally at check-in, during their stay or at check-out. In the backend of the digital check-in & -out solution, you can set when the payment should be made by your guests. The function is always depending on which PMS and payment provider you use.

No. The request for credit card data is used solely to ensure two-factor authentication of hotel guests. This replaces the analog signature on the registration form. No payment is made here.

No. Our payment model is based solely on the number of your hotel rooms. The number of check-ins performed per month is not charged.


No. The straiv software is updated monthly with new features. This is completely free of charge for you.

No, the latest technology of the Progressive Web App gives your guests quick and easy access to all information and services related to your hotel – without an app download.

No, the guest can use the Progressive Web App via their own device. Read more

Yes, provided you have enabled and ordered the “Push Messages” module in the digital companion, hotel guests will receive push notifications to their smartphone.

Yes, with the group function, your hotels are networked with each other. This allows you to send information from your head office to all guests at your respective properties.

Yes, we have a large number of interfaces that we can offer in cooperation with the hotel. Our partners

Yes, a completely independent system is provided for each hotel, which you can fill with exactly the content that is relevant to you and your guests. All functions and content are created in consultation with you. Colors and images are customized according to your specifications and to your hotel design.

There are a variety of touchpoints to ensure that guests frequently access and use our solution. For example, you can open our solution directly via a link in your booking confirmation, your WLAN login or via an integrated QR code. Through the web-based solution, your guests can also access the digital companion from home or on the road.

With the digital companion you have the possibility to request feedback while your guests are still there. Good feedback is forwarded directly to public platforms (such as TripAdvisor or TrustYou). Less good feedback can be kept internal to you and will not be visible on the platforms. 

No. The query of the credit card data only ensures the two-factor authentication of the hotel guests. This replaces the analog signature on the registration form. No payment is made here.

Our solutions offer simple and highly efficient process optimization, which can save a lot of administrative processes. For example, the registration form or check-in and check-out can save time at the reception desk and reduce the workload of your employees.

Your employees are relieved, because content can be set from the group. In addition, hotel guests of one hotel can find out about other locations and hotels of your group and discover offers. In this way, you can let your guests experience your hotel group digitally.

Integrate your booking route and use the digital companion as another direct booking channel, free of commissions to third party providers. Use push messages or guest journey messaging to send direct booking offers to guests who have already left your hotel. With just one click on the push message, your guests will be taken to the digital companion where they can book their next stay with you.

With straiv’s digital companion, you create a digital experience for your guests before, during and after their stay. Provide your guests with the right information at the right time in the right place and accompany them from the first booking, through their stay with you including digital check-in and check-out, to the next direct booking in your hotel.

With straiv you digitize your guest communication from the booking of your guests to the re-booking in your hotel. If you integrate a link to the digital companion, for example, in your booking confirmation, your guests can access the solution via any end device. Once in the system, they can get information there and you can specifically advertise your offers. In addition, your guests can easily check in online before they arrive at your hotel. In this way, you accompany your guests from the first booking, through their stay with you including digital check-in and check-out, to the next direct booking at your hotel.

We offer three different solutions for this: With WEB door opening, the room door (or doors in other areas of the hotel) is opened via a slide on the guests’ smartphone in straiv’s web app. The pin door opening allows the room door to be opened by the guests via a PIN, which they receive either in the web app of straiv, via e-mail or at the check-in on site on the KIOSK or tablet. With the check-in KIOSK solution, hotel guests can check in independently at the reception, fill out the registration form and encode the room card without the need for hotel staff.