Contactless and personalized hotel service for your guests

Digital guest directory

Offer a contactless service in the hotel with the digital guest wallet. With our digital guest portfolio you will increase additional sales, optimize room cleaning, receive better guest feedback and get more direct bookings.

Join 2,500+ amazing hotels that use straiv to optimize their digital guest journey.


The digital guest directory from straiv without app download!

More revenue through direct bookings

Increase additional sales and direct bookings through direct promotion in the digital guest portfolio.

Protect the environment

With the Green Choice option, room cleaning can be optimized and unnecessary cleaning operations are reduced.

A contribution to more sustainability

Saving paper and resources for conventionally printed guest folders.

Increase hotel rating

Respond to negative feedback internally and publish positive feedback directly on the public pages.

Without app download

Customization of the solution to the hotel design, no app download required for guests.

Available at any time

Guests have all hotel information at their fingertips and can book services via their smartphone.

Optimize room cleaning and save costs

With the option "Cancel room cleaning" - Green Choice - your guests have the simple possibility to inform you that they do not need cleaning for the next day. This information reaches your responsible staff directly, who can then optimize your housekeeping route

Increase additional sales

Generate revenue before your guests' stay with personalized offers and services for your guests. Offer an additional breakfast, a cab service for the arrival or spa offers, to increase the anticipation of the stay. Send offers and services to your guests via push messages to ensure a direct communication with your guests.

Improve guest feedback

With the digital guest directory, you have the possibility to request feedback from your guests even during their stay. Good feedback is immediately shared on public platforms (such as Trip Advisor). Feedback that is less good can be kept internally and will not be visible on the platforms. This allows you to respond directly and turn an unsatisfied guest back into a satisfied guest.

More direct bookings

Integrate your booking route and use the digital guest folder as another direct booking channel, free of commissions to third-party providers. Use push messages to send direct booking offers to guests who have already left your hotel.

Guests promote guests

With the 'Guests recruit guests' function, your guests have the opportunity to promote your hotel to friends and recommend a stay with you. Via social media or by email, you can send them a link for the next direct booking.

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