A new smart concept for the Zählwerk Apartments in Pfaffenhofen

Smart, human and safe.

This is the identity of the Zählwerk Hotel in Pfaffenhofen, where the well-being of guests is a top priority. So it’s no surprise that the hotel is now focusing on digital processes.

We deliberately opted for a smart concept to ensure flexibility for us and our guests and to enable round-the-clock contactless Check-in,” says Natalie Huhn, hotel manager at Zählwerk Apartments. With the support of straiv, Apaleo and Schulte-Schlagbaum AG, the Guest Journey in the hotel is completely digitalized and becomes a comfort experience for the guests.

What does the Digital journey look like?

From now on, guests can conveniently check in and out online around the clock – and without any app download. Once the online Check-in is complete, guests will receive a booking confirmation via email with their personal room code, which is valid for both hotel and room. In addition, the Zählwerk Apartments also offers a Digital Guest Directory with sights and information prepared individually for guests At the end of their stay, guests can download their bill contactless with just a few clicks and check out online.


What are the benefits of the Digital journey?

The main advantage resulting from the new concept is that Check-in and Check-out are now the guests’ own responsibility. The hotel no longer needs to staff a 24-hour reception desk and thus saves on personnel costs. In the Zählwerk Apartments, this sets new standards in flexibility and convenience and offers guests an unforgettable experience. In conclusion, Natalie Huhn states: “The smart solution from straiv, Schulte Schlagbaum and Apaleo is not only an absolute comfort gain for our guests, but also for us as operators.”