Paperless and digital – merging the offline & online world with the “mobile” reception.


Progressive digitalization has led to many changes in recent years. There are also a large number of opportunities in the hotel industry to link digital innovations and analog processes and simplify them. One of these innovations is the introduction of a digital or mobile reception desk, which allows guests to check in and out on their smartphone or tablet, access digital registration forms, payment solutions and much more.

What belongs to the "mobile reception"?

Straiv has set itself the goal of making the hotel stay as pleasant as possible for guests – and that starts as soon as they arrive:
The days of standing forever in a line at the front desk when checking in to a hotel are over. Thanks to the innovative solution, a digital reception in the hotel industry. The idea behind a digital reception desk is to make guests’ journey through their stay at the hotel as easy and stress-free as possible. This does not mean that a digital reception will replace the traditional reception. Rather, it is intended to be an addition that offers guests more flexibility and convenience, so they are not tied to reception hours and waiting times are eliminated. On the other hand, the workload at the reception desk is reduced and employees are given more time to look after their guests personally.

Less paper, cost and time with the Digital registration form

In traditional hotel operations, guests must fill out a paper registration form at the front desk upon arrival. This process is often time-consuming and cumbersome, especially when it comes to verifying proof of identity and payment information. The Digital Registration Form at straiv allows guests to fill in all the necessary information quickly and easily on their smartphone or tablet, saving paper, costs and time. Through the interface to a PMS, the data is automatically forwarded to the hotel and is thus available at all times.

Everything is just one click away

Guests can also pay their hotel bill independently, easily and at any time using their smartphone or tablet, with maximum security ensured by defining payment and authorization rules. Straiv’s “My Reservation” feature gives guests ultimate control over their stay. From checking booking information to confirming arrival time and adding extra services, everything is just a click away.

Straiv’s digital reception makes the traditional “paper bureaucracy” in the hotel look old. Overall, the introduction of a digital reception desk is an important and inevitable step towards modern and efficient hotel management. It offers guests the opportunity to perform administrative tasks independently and thus enjoy maximum flexibility. This not only minimizes the administrative workload at the hotel, but also reduces the environmental impact.