Partial automation at the Empire Riverside Hotel


The Empire Riverside Hotel in Hamburg not only stands for first-class accommodations and a breathtaking view of the Elbe but also for innovation and modernity in hotel operations. We had the opportunity to meet with various individuals from the hotel to find out how our solutions have improved the hotel’s operations and what benefits they bring to the Empire Riverside Hotel.

The implemented solutions include:

  • Digital registration form: This enables a smooth check-in process for guests and significantly reduces administrative work at the front desk.
  • Data transfer to planet’s Property Management System: Automated data transfer facilitates reservation and stay management and reduces data entry errors.
  • Payment integration: Seamless integration of payment solutions ensures smooth payment processing.
  • Digital guest directory: This provides guests with easy access to all relevant information about the hotel and the surroundings via QR code.
  • Chatbot integration from DialogShift: The chatbot enables efficient communication with guests and answers their questions around the clock.

Staff relief and service quality enhancement

The challenges in hotel operations are diverse, and guests’ increasing demands for digital services pose new challenges for staff. In a conversation with Enrico Ungermann, the General Manager of the hotel, it became clear that the partial automation and digitalization of processes at the front desk represent a crucial step toward relieving the staff. This allows employees to focus on the important aspects of guest service. “With straiv, we have a strong partner by our side who is constantly evolving. The close, professional collaboration convinced us from the very beginning,” says Enrico Ungermann. The partnership enabled the Empire Riverside Hotel to gradually implement digital solutions, creating an optimal working environment for employees and increasing service quality for guests.

Optimization of front office processes

Stefanie Niebuhr, Front Office Manager of the Empire Riverside Hotel, reported on the challenges she faces at the front desk, especially during peak times: “The introduction of straiv solutions for digital check-in has helped shorten waiting times and provide guests with a smooth check-in process.” The automated data transfer into the Property Management System has not only digitized administrative tasks but also reduced error rates. “This allows our staff to focus on other important aspects of guest care,” she adds.

The entire guest experience

In a conversation with Anna Hassler, Head of Marketing & PR, it became clear that the implementation of digital solutions not only affects front desk operations but positively influences the entire guest experience. “straiv offers us digital opportunities to quickly and easily draw our guests’ attention to promotions and information about the hotel,” emphasizes Hassler. Today’s guests expect a seamless and modern experience that meets their needs. With the introduction of digital check-in solutions via smartphones or tablets at the reception, the Empire Riverside Hotel can meet these expectations and strengthen its brand image. According to Anna, the decision to choose straiv five years ago was groundbreaking.


The Empire Riverside Hotel demonstrates how the right digital solution optimizes hotel operations and satisfies both employees and guests. This shows that modern hospitality is not only digital but also characterized by the highest level of hospitality. We are glad that our solution continues to support the Empire Riverside Hotel in successfully implementing this vision and providing guests with an unforgettable experience.