3 tips on how to save costs and automate everyday hotel processes with the right solutions

Digital solutions only make sense if they provide support at the right points in the hotel’s daily routine, relieve administrative, recurring work and deliver added value to users (such as the hotel guest). Used correctly, the appropriate solutions can make processes more efficient – which means a lean cost structure for you. In addition, automated processes keep you flexible and better prepared for any fluctuations in sales.

Optimizing, automating and simplifying processes – sounds like a big task, but it can be easier than you might think. We’ve put together 3 tips to help you tackle the issue and show you what the right digital solutions, used in the right place, can really do.

Automate the check-in process with the Digital Registration Form (contactless)

All data necessary for check-in can be filled in by hotel guests in advance. Employees no longer have to enter the data themselves. This automates processes and reduces the workload on reception staff. A digital process for check-in offers enormous potential for savings. The cost structure can thus be optimized and the staff at the reception can be relieved at peak times. In addition, especially during night shifts, which often have the highest personnel costs with the lowest guest volume, costs can be reduced through mobile self check-in.

Paperwork is a thing of the past and you can always 100% trace which registration form was filled out. The registration forms are filed automatically and can be retrieved in seconds if required. Find out here what a legally compliant solution for the digital registration form might look like.

Implementing the right solutions will definitely pay off for you in the long run – with automated, digital processes, you can create the right structure now, remain flexible in the future in case of revenue losses, and optimize personal service in the long run.

Automated processes for guest communication via e-mail

What’s the best way to inform guests about all upcoming events, excursion options or even important info like check-in times or breakfast times? Often everything is left to the staff at the front desk. However, the wealth of information often cannot be reproduced in a short period of time. A digital guest directory helps here to pick up the guests already directly after booking and to provide them with all important info. Personalized service on arrival is supported and guests can prepare individually for their stay. Guests receive an automated e-mail with a link to the digital guest directory directly after booking.

Emails can be created in different languages and customized and formatted in your own hotel design. Hotel guests have access to important information before arrival (which is maintained in the digital guest directory – with just one click in the email, guests get to the right info). You can additionally define which info should be available for the guest before, during and after the stay. The simple handling makes everyday life easier, as the e-mails can be easily tracked and you always have an overview, but you yourself do not have to send e-mails for each guest individually. An automated process for guest communication via e-mail and digital guest directory makes everyday hotel life immensely easier and offers an optimal solution for both small and large hotel businesses.

Linking the digital guest directory with an internal communication tool

Linking the digital guest directory with an internal communication tool (such as hotelkit) makes sense, as this can automate many small processes, such as housekeeping, repair orders and guest requests. The hotel staff is always up to date with the latest information and the many phone calls and loss of information are a thing of the past. The daily tasks can be tracked better, you know exactly who did what. Tasks are thus automated and completed more quickly. Overall, efficiency is increased, more structure is provided and, ultimately, employees are relieved. So here, too, there is great potential for you to improve your cost structure in the long term and reduce your overall costs in the process.

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