The Digital Guest Directory in the hotel: 3 steps to success

Guest service with the digital guest directory in the hotel – what is the potential behind it?

There is much more behind the digital guest directory than just the counterpart to the habtic guest directory. The technology behind it offers you not only communication that is geared to the preferences of guests, but also offer great potential to improve internal work processes. Your guests always carry the digital version of the guest directory with them on their own smartphone, tablet or laptop, whether they are sitting at home and already preparing for their stay with insider tips or are already at the hotel and want to reserve a table in your restaurant for the evening. The digital guest directory is moving more and more into the center of guest communication, serving as a contact for your guests and supporting personal service in exactly the right places. But how do you use this potential correctly?

The right content at the right time with the Digital Guest Directory

When communicating with guests via a digital guest directory, the rule of thumb is: the right information at the right time! If you reach your guests at the right time with the appropriate information, you can boost your additional sales or direct bookings mightily. In the evening a short note about happy hour in the bar, in the morning after waking up the message “Fancy a unique coffee experience? Try our creations in our café” or after departure a note “Secure early booking discount now for your next stay with us” are just a few of the examples of how you can reach your guests with suitable offers at the right time.

Guest communication via smartphone: Be creative and keep it short

If you want to communicate with your guests via smartphone, you need to get to the point quickly and formulate clear courses of action. Also, feel free to get creative here and add a casual and fun touch to the content. With a digital guest directory, you can try out different formats here and customize the content.

Test and analyze - no problem with the digital guest directory

Just do a test run and try different types of offers. Play with the wording and find out what your guests like best. By means of a digital guest directory, you can also measure very well which content is popular with your guests. So what are you waiting for, it’s worth trying out!

Our conclusion

The accessibility of your guests is usually better with a digital guest directory compared to other marketing channels. Especially the hotel stay is a super possibility to provide guests with relevant information in a very uncomplicated way. This is how you increase guest loyalty and you turn first-time visitors into regular guests. Just start a test and try it out.

Do you have further questions about our digital guest directory? Just send us a demo request. We will guide you through our solution without any obligation and free of charge.