Mobile Door Opening without app or login

With our partner 4Suites, we digitally map another very important part of the guest journey – Mobile Door Opening without an app or login. Hotel guests can now open the room door in the hotel with their own smartphone, tablet or laptop. The collaboration enables door opening without app download and without login via the guests’ own terminal device. After a successful digital check-in, the room door can be opened with the user’s own smartphone.

Mobile key for the hotel room without obstacles for hotel guests

The hotel guest has access to his mobile key from 4Suites at any time via straiv by CODE2ORDER and can easily and comfortably open his room door for the duration of his stay. The web-based solution of straiv by CODE2ORDER can be used intuitively and without obstacles, since neither the download of an app nor a login is necessary.

Internal processes in the hotel are further automated

The hotel operation retains control over the access rights of the doors that can be opened by the guests at all times. By connecting to the hotel’s property management system, all reservations and any changes are updated in real time, enabling a fully automated workflow. Additional efforts, such as training of front desk personnel, are eliminated.

Our collaboration with 4Suites makes it possible to further automate and simplify the check-in process. The hotel guest is offered a digital solution in all parts of their stay.

“We are delighted to have found another innovative partner in 4Suites. By merging the two solutions, we enable an end-to-end digital guest journey. Hotels can thus also be managed without a reception desk. This brings immense advantages for hotel operations. Processes can be optimized, hotel staff can be relieved and ultimately costs can be saved. At the same time, guests are offered a digital hotel experience.”Alexander Haußmann, founder and Managing Director (Marketing, Sales and Customer Success) of straiv by CODE2ORDER GmbH, commented on the partnership with 4Suites.

Patrick Luik, founder and managing director of straiv by CODE2ORDER GmbH is also pleased: “The speed with which the solutions were integrated impresses me. In less than four weeks, we were able to successfully complete both the development and all tests and take the first hotels live. We are already looking forward to the next technical enhancements with 4Suites.”

“We want to use digital solutions to make the guest’s stay at the hotel as comfortable and easy as possible. When technical solutions are used intuitively by hotel guests, this goal is achieved. This is reflected in the high usage rates of the web-based solution from straiv by CODE2ORDER. Therefore, we are very pleased about this partnership and that the seamless integration of our mobile keys in the web app of straiv by CODE2ORDER will further advance mobile door opening.”adds Jonathan Springford, managing director of 4Suites.

4Suites is a technology company specializing in intelligent access solutions for the hotel industry. The company offers IoT supported cloud-based solutions consisting of hardware and software for mobile door opening. 4Suites enables hotels to optimize operations, reduce costs and increase revenues.

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