The digital Guest Journey at Hotel ‘Haus im Tal

The Hotel Haus im Tal was opened at the end of 2019 in the center of Munich and impresses with its minimalist, as well as modern style. The hotel relies on digital solutions that enable optimal guest care along the guest journey and support personal service in exactly the right places.

We asked Konstantin Irnsperger, Managing Director of Haus im Tal, in more detail how the digital solutions from straiv by CODE2ORDER make everyday hotel life easier:

What is the biggest benefit of straiv by CODE2ORDER for you?

straiv by CODE2ORDER makes it possible for us to run the digital guest journey exactly the way we want it. The perfect solution with which we can digitally translate the guest journey – with personal touchpoints deliberately built in so as not to lose the host – guest contact.

Which solutions are most often used by your guests?

The digital check-in with digital registration form, as well as the check-out. This makes the guests’ stay much more pleasant. Every guest has already learned the processes from the airlines and can handle them well. This is not a loss of service, but a gain.

What role does the digital guest journey play for you?

Theoretically, we could represent the guest journey 100% digitally thanks to straiv by CODE2ORDER. However, we deliberately rely on a digital interruption to talk to the guest and give them the room cards in person. Bureaucracy no longer plays a role, however; he has already filled out the registration form on his smartphone or laptop. However, if someone arrives who has not yet checked in online, the guest will simply receive a drink and an iPad from us, which will run the straiv by CODE2ORDER solution, so that they can fill out the registration form on site. This way we save a lot of paper and find every registration form in seconds.

How do the solutions from straiv by CODE2ORDER help you to map a digital guest journey?

straiv by CODE2ORDER makes the digital guest journey possible from A to Z. You have the maximum freedom to customize and design this trip exactly to your own wishes, whether 100% digital, or only 90% digital, everything is possible. This is exactly the mindset we were looking for with our new hotel ‘Haus im Tal’ and found with straiv by CODE2ORDER and our PMS apaleo found.

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