5 online marketing measures for more direct bookings


Digitalization and online sales have made it increasingly important for hotels to push direct bookings in order to become less dependent on booking platforms and achieve higher profit margins. Below we have summarized 5 recommended actions that can help hoteliers generate more direct bookings and thus strengthen their business.

1. Make your website user friendly

A hotel website is the digital flagship of a hotel and plays a crucial role in attracting new guests. A user-friendly website design can help ensure that potential guests have a positive first impression of your hotel and thus feel motivated to make a booking. Moreover, a well-designed website makes it easier for users to quickly and easily find out about the hotel as well as its offers. Easy navigation, clear information and attractive images can help potential guests stay on the site longer and be more likely to be convinced to make a booking.

2. Increase your organic visibility

Through a targeted optimization of their own website and the use of relevant keywords, hotels can be found better in the search results of search engines such as Google. A higher ranking in search results increases the visibility and reach of the website, which in turn leads to a higher number of visitors and potential guests. In addition, good search engine optimization can help improve the quality of traffic, as users who search specifically for certain keywords have a higher purchase intention than general visitors.

3. Place the right advertisement in the right place

Not only organic visibility, but also increased visibility through paid search results can be instrumental in increasing direct sales. In addition, solutions such as Google’s Performance Max for travel goals help you better reach your target audience, while allowing you to efficiently readjust advertising campaigns at the same time. Furthermore, although Google is considered the most relevant platform for search engine advertising, Social Media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook also offer good opportunities to place targeted advertising.

4. Use the great potential of Social Media

In addition to the above-mentioned options for placing ads on Social Media, there is a wide range of potential to be exploited on Instagram, Facebook and the like, all of which can have a positive impact on direct bookings. After all, it is precisely in the inspiration phase of booking that people turn to Social Media to find out more about what a particular hotel has to offer. By interacting with followers and responding to feedback, hotels can also gain the trust of guests and build long-term customer loyalty. Those who are consistent in this regard also pay tribute to the positive image of the brand.

5. Even more visibility on Google

By placing Google Hotel Ads, hoteliers can present their offers and room rates directly in Google’s search results. Google Hotel Ads also allow hoteliers to update their room rates and availability in real time to always stay competitive and maximize their occupancy. These ads can also be targeted to specific audiences and redirect them directly to your website.

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