Warum Sie jetzt langfristig auf digitale Lösungen im Hotelservice setzen sollten

Why you should rely on digital solutions in hotel service for the long-term right now

Contactless, digital solutions for hotel guests are becoming increasingly important. With the right solutions, internal hotel processes can be optimized and therefore relieve the hotel staff. In view of the current shortage of personnel in the industry, long-term concepts must now be developed – for the hotel stay of the future.

If guests can fill out the registration form digitally before their stay, or check in digitally on arrival via a kiosk or with their own smartphone, you can avoid queues at check-in. In addition, the workload of employees is reduced.

Eliminating printed registration forms and unnecessary folders, menus, etc. in the hotel lobby or rooms also contributes to more efficient hotel operations in the long run. Content can be easily updated online and your guests will always receive the latest information on their own smartphones. In addition, digital processes enable you to network your systems and can therefore relieve staff in the long term, as many small work steps are eliminated.

We have compiled 5 tips that should not be missing from a concept for the hotel stay of the future   :

1. Relieve reception with contactless registration forms/ check-in solution.

Via the booking confirmation your guests get access to the digital registration form with one click and can directly enter all data for the hotel check-in (with their own smartphone, tablet or laptop).

Additionally, you can set up one or more check-in stations. Your guests can use it to independently fill in all the data for the registration form on site (digitally via a mobile tablet).

The time for check-in at the reception is reduced, some administrative steps are eliminated and you ensure satisfied hotel guests.

2. Enable mobile door opening / independent room card coding

You have several options how to provide your guests with mobile door opening. For example, your guests can use their own smartphone to open the room door via the Progressive Web App from straiv or via a PIN (this requires appropriate interfaces to certain PMS and door lock providers).

If you use room cards, this process can also be digitized and hotel guests can activate the room cards themselves at a check-in kiosk at the front desk, for example.

3. Green choice - allow easy cancellation of room cleaning

With the digital guest service, your guests have the option of using the “Cancel room cleaning” function – Green Choice – to let you know that they do not require cleaning for the next day. With this information you protect the environment and save costs besides. On the one hand, you can send the information directly to the responsible personnel, who can then optimize the housekeeping route. On the other hand, you save cleaning costs and thus reduce your water consumption and ultimately your operating costs.

4. Replace all info brochures and menus with the digital guest service

Remove all unnecessary tactile items (flyers, guest directories, menus, etc.) that are displayed as informational materials in the rooms and hotel lobby. Replace the information material with a digital guest directory and your guests have all hotel information, offers and services at a glance on their own terminal device and can book them directly.

5. Enable check-out and payment contactless via the guests' smartphone.

With digital check-out, your guests take care of check-out independently via their own smartphone. Here, for example, the billing address can be adjusted (if not yet available or different), or further questions can be added that are relevant to you. In addition, your guests can pay the invoice directly (this requires appropriate interfaces to certain PMS and payment providers), then the invoice can be sent to the guests via automated messaging.

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