5 reasons why you should rely on Self-Service in your hotel: New Self-Service Kiosk by straiv & Kiosk Embedded Systems


The modern hotel industry faces the challenge of providing guests with a seamless and convenient experience, while at the same time optimizing staffing levels. Digitization and digital solutions offer relief for staff and can perfectly support with the current challenge. In collaboration with KIOSK Embedded Systems, we present our joint solution: the new Hotel Self-Service Kiosk. This solution combines straiv’s proven software with KIOSK Embedded Systems’ high-quality hardware to create an outstanding guest experience with Self-Service capabilities. Why you should also rely on Self-Service in your hotel business, we explain in the following article.


1. Flexible 24/7 365 Check-in: Maximum convenience for your guests

The Hotel Self-Service Kiosk brings the convenience of 24/7 365 check-in directly to your guests. No matter what time of day or night they arrive, the Kiosk is always available to them. This allows your guests the flexibility to schedule their arrival time and check-in regardless of reception hours.

2. Customizable modular Kiosk: Adapt to the requirements

The Stellar TK-2100 Series is a modular Kiosk that can be customized to meet the unique needs of any hotel. It can be seamlessly integrated with existing Property Management Systems and Locking Systems, as long as there is integration to straiv. This ensures smooth integration with the hotel infrastructure and creates a customized guest experience.

3. Integrated Key Card Solution and easy Payment Processing: More efficiency for you and your guests

The Kiosk offers an integrated Key Card solution that allows guests to independently encode their room card and receive it directly from the dispenser. At the same time, guests can conveniently process their Payment at the Kiosk. These features reduce staff workload and create an efficient and seamless Check-in and Check-out experience.

4. Reduction of workload and error rate: Optimize your processes

The Self-Service Kiosk reduces staff workload, resulting in smoother operations. Automated data transfer minimizes potential errors while increasing guest satisfaction. Your staff can focus on more important tasks while guests enjoy a first-class experience.

5. Digitizing the Guest Journey: A step into the future

The collaboration between straiv and KIOSK Embedded Systems represents an innovative response to the growing needs of the hotel industry. The Self-Service Kiosk complements straiv’s portfolio of digital and contactless hotel Check-in solutions and enables hotels to cover the Digital Guest Journey. The simple and user-friendly technology promotes a premium guest experience while helping to streamline operational processes.

The introduction of the Self-Service Kiosk offers hotels the opportunity to provide guests with a modern and convenient experience. Take advantage of straiv and KIOSK Embedded Systems’ solution to lead your hotel into the future as well, while increasing guest satisfaction.