Online Check-in at the hotel – 5 tips from our expert Johannes Ludmann

In today’s age, it is crucial for hotels to impress hotel guests with modern and convenient solutions. This is also shown by the Hilton Group’s trend report “The Traveler 2023”. Results from research data combined with survey data from travelers in Germany show travelers agree: 60% want more straightforward travel experiences and 77% want more personalization and technology solutions. The online Check-in is one such solution that offers numerous advantages to both guests and hotel operators.

In this blog post, our expert Johannes Ludmann, Head of Customer Success at straiv, shares five valuable tips on how hotels can take advantage of online Check-in with us to increase efficiency and improve guest satisfaction while saving time and resources.

1. Maintained guest lists with deposited e-mail addresses

A thorough and well-maintained guest database allows for efficient communication and smooth online Check-in. In addition, a solid database speeds up the Check-in process, as much relevant information is already available.

2. Pre-stay communication focused on the guest

Communication with the guest is a decisive factor for customer satisfaction. Through an appealing and personalized email communication, hotels can convey a positive impression already during the stay and thus strengthen the trust of the guests.

3. Adapt the timing of the Guest Journey Messaging to the guests

By tailoring Guest Journey Messaging to the individual guest, hotels can provide targeted information and ensure messages arrive at the right time. For example, Check-in reminders can be sent prior to arrival or recommendations for activities in the area can be sent during the stay.

4. Mobile tablets – filling out a Digital Registration form together with the guest

Another tip to improve the guest experience during online Check-in is to use mobile tablets in the hotel. For example, hotels can offer their guests to fill out the Digital Registration form together with a member of staff. On the one hand, this creates a personal interaction, which brings space for conversations, the possibility to build a guest relationship and offer additional service, on the other hand, errors are reduced and resources in the form of paper are saved.

5. Working with straiv Backend and Reservation manager

To make Online Check-in seamless and efficient, Johannes recommends using the straiv Backend and Reservation manager. This allows hotel staff to get a clear overview of which guests have already completed Pre-Check-in. This enables a quick overview and significantly reduces the administrative effort at the reception desk. The employees can concentrate on the most important thing – the guest himself.


Online Check-in offers hotels the opportunity to provide guests with a modern and time-saving service. By implementing Johannes’ tips, such as maintained guest registries, engaging PreStay communications, individualized messaging, filling out the Digital Registration Form together, and leveraging backend solutions, hotels can streamline the Check-in process while ensuring a personalized guest experience. Online check-in is not only a contemporary concept, but a solution to provide your guests with an outstanding hotel experience.