Room cleaning is not enough – understanding sustainability as a holistic hotel concept


The topic of sustainability is one of the megatrends of 2023 – a topic that will be relevant for a long time to come and encompasses numerous aspects including environmental protection, social commitment and economic development. People adapt and change their habits. This also applies to the choice of vacation destination or accommodation.


But what does sustainability mean in the hotel industry?

It’s not just about cancelling room cleaning or heating less. A sustainable hotel concept takes into account not only environmental protection but also social aspects, such as fair working conditions. In addition, economic sustainability also plays a role. A hotel that focuses on sustainability acts economically, responsibly and plans for the long term.

In this context, digital solutions are becoming increasingly important. At straiv, we have made it our mission to help hotels become more sustainable while providing guests with an enjoyable and comfortable experience.


Smart and sustainable – How digital solutions in the hotel have a positive impact on the environment, staff and profitability

By using digital solutions, administrative processes are bypassed at the front desk and guests can complete them from their own devices. This can save a lot of paper. In addition, our solution allows hotels to eliminate the need to provide tablets in every room. The production and maintenance of tablets indoors cause high CO2 emissions, as the devices are considered harmful to the environment and their life cycles are becoming shorter and shorter. By reducing paper and tablets, resources are saved, creating a more environmentally friendly solution. So hotels rely on existing devices that are in circulation anyway. This enables sustainable digital guest service.

Especially nowadays, when the hotel industry often has to deal with staff shortages, digitalization plays a crucial role. By digitalizing hotel processes, employees are relieved from repetitive, administrative tasks and have more time for personal interactions with guests. This helps to improve working conditions and promotes social sustainability. However, the introduction of digital processes not only creates benefits for existing employees, because a whole new working model is formed, creating attractive jobs for digitally affine professionals.

In addition, increasing efficiency by optimizing processes also contributes to economic sustainability. Hotels can save money while improving the quality of their services by eliminating paper and tablets and reducing manual processes. This in turn can lead to higher guest satisfaction rates and repeat bookings, which ultimately helps increase the hotel’s economic success in the long run.

Overall, it can be said that the sustainability trend is also taking hold in the hotel industry and is becoming increasingly important. The focus is on environmental and climate protection, but also on social and economic sustainability. Straiv’s digital solutions help optimize processes and save resources while providing guests with a pleasant experience. By focusing on sustainability, hotels can not only have a positive impact on the environment and people, but also achieve long-term economic success.