Christopher Riemensperger from Hotel Olymp in an interview: Automating internal hotel processes with the help of digital solutions

Our hotel of the month in September is Hotel Olymp Munich. The Hotel Olymp has 136 rooms and has digitized and automated several processes in hotel operations in recent months and years in order to be able to offer first-class guest service even in times of shortage of skilled workers and COVID-19. Among other things, the hotel uses the solutions Digital Check-in & out including Digital Registration Form and the Digital Guest Directory from straiv by CODE2ORDER. We interviewed Christopher Riemensperger, managing shareholder at Hotel Olymp, on this very topic.

The full video interview with Christopher Riemensperger:

How did you design the guest journey at your hotel?

At our hotel, our guests check in online via their own smartphone or tablet and fill out the registration form digitally. Payment is either made directly at the time of hotel booking or can be made in the online check-in process.

Our digital guest journey is set up in such a way that we hand over the key card personally and seek contact with our guests here, thus also strengthening personal service. For us, a good mix of automated processes and personal support is the best option. Especially by automating the check-in process, we also have enough time left again for personal service.

Here, straiv by CODE2ORDER offers good options for dealing with all eventualities. For example, there is also the option of a Check-in Kiosk, which hotel guests can then use to encode the key cards themselves and also do the Self Check-in.

Service during the stay also works simply and easily via the guests’ own smartphone. We have a display with the QR code inside every room, which guests can scan and are then immediately informed about all our services, can order room service, book massages, book e-bikes – there are almost no limits.

Check-out then also works digitally via the user’s own smartphone.

It was very important for us to offer our guests a service that is simple and straightforward – this is what the digital solutions from straiv by CODE2ORDER offer us. Our hotel guests get the right information and services quickly and we still have enough time not to neglect personal service. For us, a simple, fast and solution-oriented total package.

Are you interested in online Check-in and -out via smartphone at the hotel, a Check-in Kiosk, the Digital Registration Form or the Digital Guest Directory for your hotel? Send us an inquiry, we will be happy to advise you.

Why did you decide to use digital check-in & check-out?

We wanted to offer online check-in and check-out, just like you would know from airlines. We switched to Infor HMS to implement fully automated check-in and check-out with straiv by CODE2ORDER, but have already been using straiv by CODE2ORDER for several years.

For us, the solution from straiv by CODE2ORDER in conjunction with our PMS offers easy handling, uncomplicated and simply associated with minimal work in day-to-day hotel operations – that was exactly what we were looking for. The use of the straiv by CODE2ORDER Web App by the guests is also very easy, everything is designed very intuitively – our guests find their way around and are very satisfied with our service.

Another point in favor of more automation in hotel check-in is the situation on the employment market. It is very difficult for us to find new staff, so processes such as check-in and check-out should simply be automated in order to reduce labor input.

Automating such processes also means fewer sources of error, registration forms are filled out online in advance, we receive them immediately in the system (the data is automatically transferred to the PMS, the digital registration forms are stored in the straiv by CODE2ORDER backend and can be retrieved at any time). This also means that no more errors occur, such as while entering the e-mail address or telephone number. The process is fast, uncomplicated and error free – that’s why we decided to use the Digital Check-in.

What other solutions do you currently use and what are your plans for the future?

For me, the topic of digitization is not a question at all. It’s quite clear that we’re moving toward more automation here. For the future, we plan to digitize and automate as many steps as possible in order to save working time and offer continuity for our guests. The automated processes, as we have set them up now, are an integral part of our hotel operations. Of course, we also approached things and did everything step by step. We couldn’t use our solutions from one day to the next – the systems have to be set up and maintained. This represents a somewhat higher effort at the beginning, but is out of all proportion to the time saved later on in hotel operations. The implementation was really fast for us, but of course it always depends on the preliminary work and the scope of the content.

straiv by CODE2ORDER offers us several more possibilities to save costs in hotel operations. For example, with the solution “Green Choice” – with this option, hotel guests can cancel housekeeping for the following days with a few clicks via their own smartphone and receive a drink voucher in return. Of course, this means you save on cleaning costs, the cost of bed linen and towels. This way we additionally contribute to the environment, as way less resources are consumed. Our guests get a free drink at our hotel bar, so we even increase the revenue, because it usually doesn’t remain at one drink.

The complete Digital Guest Directory additionally offers us an option to save costs, as there are no printing costs, paper is saved and there are also no costs for the purchase of tablets in the rooms, as everything is handled via the guests’ smartphone. For us, this is a solution that is in line with today’s age.

What I like extremely well about straiv by CODE2ORDER is the very fast and uncomplicated support. Here you can really see that the whole team is committed to creating the best solution and also to adapting the existing solutions to the current conditions in the hotel as well as constantly developing them further.

We are looking forward to continue a very good cooperation with straiv by CODE2ORDER.

Interview with Christopher Riemensperger, managing partner of Hotel Olymp in Eching, near Munich. Hotel Olymp has 136 rooms and uses the Digital Guest Directory and Digital Check-in & -out solutions from straiv by CODE2ORDER. The fully automated check-in is made possible in cooperation with PMS provider Infor HMS. The payment of the hotel stay during the check-in process enables the interface to the payment provider concardis.

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