MASEVEN Serviced Apartment Hotels on the digitalization of hotel check-in

For our August Hotel of the Month, we interviewed Denis Mair, Chief Operations Officer of MASEVEN. The serviced apartment hotels MASEVEN stand for “Home is where MASEVEN is”. This is reflected in the high-end apartments and the lobby concept with supermarket, fitness area, cocktail cart, cinema, workstations and pink laundromat.

The apartments of MASEVEN Munich Messe Dornach have the Digital Check-in & -out including Registration Form and Mobile Key in cooperation with our partners Salto, apaleo and adyen in use. In addition, the hotel uses our solution for the Check-in Kiosk including key card coding at the reception. Additionally, payment can also be made in the check-in or check-out process via the straiv by CODE2ORDER solution, in cooperation with our partner adyen.

How do the solutions from straiv by CODE2ORDER support you?

We have been using the solution for the Digital Registration Form and Digital Check-in for over a year now, and we can no longer imagine everyday hotel life without it. The electronic registration forms have saved us a lot of paper, costs and time. We also really like using the straiv by CODE2ORDER solution because we didn’t have to equip our apartments with tablets because everything can be handled via the hotel guests’ own smartphones. In addition, we use the integration of the Mobile Key in the straiv by CODE2ORDER Web App (in cooperation with SALTO). This has many advantages for us, as we can now handle all administrative tasks with the guest via one solution.

Why did you decide on a digital hotel check-in?

Digitalization has been an important aspect for us from the very beginning and represents one of the 3 columns of our entire concept. In other words, our approach includes a hotel service that is based on the support of digital solutions.

The main reason why we chose the solutions of straiv by CODE2ORDER was that the focus is on a web-based solution. We figured hotel guests don’t download an app for a short stay. Tablets in the rooms are also not an option for us, as guests always feel most secure using their own device. Additionally, devices become outdated and need to be replaced more often. A huge expense that doesn’t make sense in our opinion.

The integration of mobile keys was another point that is very important to us. This way we now have the possibility to accompany our guests on their journey with one solution throughout.

In addition, our guest communication and guest service is optimally supported and supplemented by the digital guest folder from straiv by CODE2ORDER. The fact is that haptic guest directorys are very expensive, you have to constantly renew the contents and in the current situation they have to be cleaned even more often. With the digital Guest Directory everything can be done with a few clicks and the guests always stay informed via their own smartphone.

How can you use digital check-in to simplify internal work processes and save time?

The work process at the check-in procedure will be enormously facilitated if our guests can fill in the registration forms themselves digitally and even before arrival. Our guests now come to the front desk not for the standard processes, but only for personalized advice or service for their stay.

Attending to the check-ins of a 320 room apartment building represents a huge time commitment. For us, it was clear from the beginning that we did not want to cover these dimensions with a classic reception. This would not make sense for us due to space and cost reasons. This is where the digital solutions from straiv by CODE2ORDER support us. All administrative tasks that need to be completed by the guest for check-in can be done in advance via the guest’s own smartphone.

The work process and the storage of the registration forms is very time consuming for us. By digitizing this process, we can save a lot of time and no longer have to worry about storage space or retention periods. If we do need the registration form, we simply fetch it from the straiv by CODE2ORDER backend.

In addition, the automation of emails (such as booking confirmation) is extremely helpful for us. Our guests are also automatically reminded by email to check-in online or fill out the Digital Registration Form.

Digital Solutions at MASEVEN Munich Trade Fair Dornach