CODE2ORDER and DialogShift with intelligent guest service

Collaboration with DialogShift facilitates contactless service in hotels. The combination of straiv by CODE2ORDER’s digital guest service solutions with DialogShift’s intelligent chatbot allows hotels to respond immediately to guest needs.

A digital and contactless self-service is created for hotel guests with a real-time flow of information

Via the digital travel companion of straiv by CODE2ORDER, the guest always has access to the chat with his smartphone. In the chat, guests can communicate in real time with the staff* at the reception. The live chat is complemented by the use of chatbots, which automatically recognize and answer frequently asked questions and navigate directly to the right places in the solution from straiv by CODE2ORDER, for example, to order an extra pillow, make the next booking or reserve a table in the restaurant and much more.

The solution is successfully in use in several hotels, including some properties of the Plaza Hotelgroup. Both hotel guests and hotel staff benefit – guests quickly receive the right information and hotel staff are relieved of administrative tasks. The chat option in the digital companion of straiv by CODE2ORDER is currently very well received and frequently used by guests.

>> Click here for a short video of how DialogShift’s chatbot is in use at straiv by CODE2ORDER >>

“We are very pleased to partner with DialogShift. The collaboration of our innovative solutions enables hotels to build even stronger customer loyalty, automate communication and provide optimal contactless service during the hotel stay. In less than four weeks, we were able to successfully complete both the development and all the tests and take the first hotels live shortly after,” said Patrick Luik, founder and CEO of straiv by CODE2ORDER about the partnership with DialogShift.

About DialogShift

DialogShift digitizes and automates guest communication with holistic and AI-powered chat solutions. Hotel guests can chat with the hotel on the website, via messaging platforms, the hotel app or the Digital Guest Directory- hotel staff* are relieved by having recurring questions answered by a chatbot without delay.

DialogShift’s chatbots are optimized for engagement and conversion, they provide additional information, tips and highlight the hotel’s special features. For example, hotels can optimize their website as a direct booking channel by increasing engagement on the website and booking requests from the chat are automatically forwarded to the reservation system.

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