Hotel of the month: The aletto hotels

“With straiv by CODE2ORDER we have many advantages in the current situation. The solution gives us the possibility to provide guests with e.g. bar or menu cards contactless. Info brochures, which were previously in the rooms and had to be changed with every trip due to increased hygiene measures, are now available contactless.”

Ricardo Hödebeck, Marketing, aletto Hotels.

With the new aletto Hotel Potsdamer Platz, a new hotel concept of the aletto Hotels starts into the warm-up phase. The hotel shines with high-quality finished furnishings. Rooms of various sizes offer space for micro trade fairs, events or pop-up stores and are complemented by an inviting hotel garden and the roof terrace with a view over the city. The overall concept of the aletto hotels also includes digital solutions, which already offer hotel guests at two locations the possibility of always being supplied with the latest information via their own smartphone and much more.

“In the coming years, a lot will change in the hotel industry. There is great potential in the topic of digitizing and automating processes. The current situation will certainly accelerate this development. We have made a start with the digital guest folder.”

Ricardo Hödebeck, Marketing, aletto Hotels.

Especially in the new hotel, the aletto Hotel Potsdamer Platz, a digital concept was already considered during the planning phase. The so-called touchpoints with the guests played a particularly important role. The question was: How can hotel guests access and be picked up by changing and versatile information at as many points as possible?

The aletto hotels have ensured in many places in the new hotel that guests can easily access the digital guest directory.

Already in the entrance area of the hotel, guests receive information on several 85 inch flat screens, as well as a link to straiv by CODE2ORDER. Furthermore, there is a large LED wall in the lobby area that displays additional information. When hotel guests then move into their rooms, the first thing they notice in front of the elevators are large 4K frame monitors, which digitally point to straiv by CODE2ORDER. In the rooms there are frames with a link and QR code.

“We hope to ensure great acceptance among our guests through the versatile references on straiv by CODE2ORDER, so that we will need much less paper in the future, e.g. when displaying repair cards.”

complements Ricardo Hödebeck, aletto Hotels

The access figures prove the hotel right: the digital guest directory is accessed around 2,500 times a month on guests’ smartphones.

“I am a convinced user of the applications of straiv by CODE2ORDER and think that there are many great modules that you can use depending on your needs. I’m excited about what other novelties we can expect and I’m happy about the creativity of the straiv by CODE2ORDER team here.”

Ricardo Hödebeck, Marketing, aletto Hotels.

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