Reducing costs in the hotel: A rethink of the industry is called for

The COVID-19 crisis has affected the hotel industry like no other industry. The new challenges with which most hotel companies are confronted are manifold and require a rethink. Cost structures have to be adjusted and the offer has to be rethought. Which services are really relevant for the guests? Where should personal service not be missing or be strengthened? Which processes can be outsourced to the guest? Which processes can be digitized?

Current challenges: Saving costs while complying with or implementing the current ongoing clearance and hygiene regulations.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the hotel industry unfortunately had to put some workers on short-time work or even lay them off. During the restart was and is the big challenge to keep the hotel business running with:

1. as few contacts as possible and necessary, additional hygiene precautions, and

2. fewer employees or less manpower

Here's how digital solutions help guest services meet these new challenges

1. Minimize contacts at check-in

Contacts are minimized with a Digital Registration Form/ Check-in and hygiene measures can be better adhered to and effectively communicated to guests.

2. Guests complete the check-in / registration form independently via their own smartphone

Work steps are automated, as they can be completed independently by guests thanks to digital solutions, and employees are relieved. Fewer working hours are required to check-in and check-out the same number of guests at the reception desk. Guests take care of the administrative tasks themselves, contactless via their own smartphone.

3. Communicate hygiene measures at all points of contact with guests.

Guests are regularly reminded of the existing measures and can inform themselves how to behave in the hotel.

4. Guests book excursions / offers / promotions independently via their own smartphone

The guest directory is replaced by a digital service and guests can book interesting excursions directly via their own smartphone and do not have to go to the reception. Of course, it is still possible to get advice about certain actions and book them at the reception – but for all guests who want to avoid contacts, this is an ideal option. It also generally reduces the number of guests at the reception desk.

5. Expand room service

For example, offer packed breakfasts or lunches that can either be picked up in the restaurant or delivered to the room to avoid contacts. Guests can also decide for themselves whether to cancel room cleaning (and thus potential contacts by cleaning staff). Everything can be done conveniently via the guest’s own smartphone.

Guests use straiv by CODE2ORDER via their own smartphone as a digital companion during their stay at the hotel and can access services, information and more contactlessly. For all issues where personal service can be reduced and is not absolutely necessary, this can be implemented with a digital service. Guests do the administrative things themselves via their own smartphone and the hotel staff is relieved. A win-win situation for guests and hotel.

Start now with digital solutions for automated processes in everyday hotel life!