The digital guest journey in the hotel – how to exploit all potentials

The trip is booked, the suitcase packed – now we can start… the next point of contact between the guest and the hotel is the stay in the hotel? Ideally no. The guest journey allows many other points of contact between hotel and guest that should be used.

The digital guest journey: from booking to the next direct booking

So let’s start from the beginning: The trip is booked, the guest receives a confirmation from the hotel by e-mail, including access to the digital guest directory. This way, guests can easily find out about the hotel’s directions and insider tips before their stay and book additional hotel services or other services directly. Guests do not need to log in for this, nor do you need to download an app via the app store.

Even before the guest reaches the hotel, he receives another message with the info that he can already check-in now and thus save valuable time upon arrival. All information for the check-in will then be filled in directly and the registration form signed (more information about the digital registration form). Once at the hotel, the guest receives a push message informing them of a free spa appointment at half price. This can also be booked directly via the system. During their stay, guests can get all the information on their own smartphone, tablet or laptop and book all additional services via it. Towards the end of the stay, he is asked how he likes it. After departure, they can be alerted via push message to the next direct booking offers or inspired with travel ideas for their next stay…and the Guest Journey starts all over again.

Without app download for the guests & no additional tablets in the hotel

The digital travel companion from straiv by CODE2ORDER accompanies your guests throughout the entire guest journey – before, during and after their stay at the hotel and all without the need to download an app or additional tablets in the rooms. With the solutions for Digital Check-in and Check-out, the Digital Guest Directory and the Guest Journey Messaging, you cover the entire guest journey.

Learn more in our Whitepaper. There we have summarized two case studies. Boutique hotel The Hearts Hotel 622 and about:Berlin Hotel tell how straiv by CODE2ORDER solutions are in use and how they support them in their daily work, optimize processes and provide a unique guest experience.