3 Ways How You Can Organize Online Check-In at Your Hotel

What is an online check-in at the hotel?

An online check-in supports you and your employees in everyday hotel life. With a digital check-in, you offer your guests the possibility to check in at various times during their trip, without being bound to the reception times. Different guests have different preferences – some like to do everything in advance on their smartphone – others let everything come to them. straiv by CODE2ORDER offers different options for all variants. In this article, you will learn how a digital check-in supports you in your everyday hotel life. The advantages for you are obvious: transferring the registration form data by hand and paper filing are a thing of the past. In addition, fewer errors occur and you have more time for your guests.

Which options are available to display the online check-in?

straiv by CODE2ORDER offers you 3 ways to map the online check-in at the hotel. Via the hotel guests’ smartphone (without app download), via a mobile tablet* at the reception desk or via a check-in kiosk* at the reception desk. All three ways can be combined. Depending on how you want to organize the check-in process at your hotel.

Online check-in on the smartphone

Guests can check in via their own mobile device and fill out the registration form before arriving at the hotel. All information is filled in and submitted on the smartphone. Hotel guests are automatically reminded of check-in via email or text message with the straiv by CODE2ORDER solution called Journey Messaging. They can also save all reservation information as a Wallet Pass.

Hotel check-in on the tablet at the reception

Guests can digitally fill out the registration form, activate key cards and pay on the tablet. The check-in on the tablet is started by the hotel staff – and supports the reception in managing the check-ins. A completely digital reception becomes possible. You can handle all check-ins via tablets. This means that several guests can check in at the same time while enjoying a welcome drink. Check-in on the tablet also helps you digitize registration forms, speed up the entire check-in process and reduce administrative tasks.

The hotel staff hands over the tablet to the hotel guests at the reception, through which the guests can fill in all the data for check-in (registration form + signature). The guests can optionally make the payment on the tablet, if not already done. In addition, the key card can be activated via a coding station.

Hotel check-in at kiosk

Guests can check in independently at a check-in kiosk, fill out the registration form digitally, activate key cards and pay. Check-in works entirely without the assistance of hotel staff. Guests log in at the check-in kiosk with their booking number, last name or QR code. Hotel guests receive this information automatically by e-mail or SMS. So you don’t always have to be on site and you can offer a check-in service outside reception hours.

With straiv by CODE2ORDER it is possible to use all solutions simultaneously. This way you can offer your guests the possibility to check-in at different times during their trip, without being bound to the reception hours. For example, hotel guests can fill out the check-in form digitally via their own smartphone before their stay. Upon arrival, check-in can be completed either via a tablet at the reception or a check-in kiosk and, if required, payment or coding of the key cards can also be made immediately at this point.

*straiv by CODE2ORDER provides the software for the tablet and kiosk solution – no hardware. Some functions of the check-in are enabled by interfaces to our partners. Further information can be found here.