The hotel of the month in November: The SI-SUITES

Our hotel of the month in November is the Hotel die SI-SUITES in Stuttgart, which invites its guests to feel at home with 192 individually designed rooms and suites. The hotel uses straiv by CODE2ORDER and protel for an automated check-in process and thus saves about 1.5 hours of working time every day. We asked Anja Neumeister, SI-SUITES Rooms Division Manager, in more detail how the solutions are used:

How do the solutions from straiv by CODE2ORDER support you? What is the biggest benefit?

Originally, we decided to use the Guest Service App to offer the guest a digital concierge. Currently, straiv by CODE2ORDER is an integral part of our complete guest journey. Primarily, we use the Digital Registration Form and Guest Journey Messaging to completely represent the check-in process in advance. This includes information on parking reservations, breakfast preferences and much more.

The digital process saves us around 1.5 hours a day during the actual check-in process on site, as all the data is stored automatically.

How is the Digital Registration Form currently being used by guests?

Since we have been using the digital registration form, we only offer guests this option. Of course, the guest can still fill out the registration form on site, but only digitally on the tablet. Unfortunately, the pandemic has forced us to minimize guest contact. For this reason, we rely more on the understanding of the guests to fill out the registration form before arrival.

Currently, 80% of all guests use this option and fill out the registration form before arrival.

How does straiv by CODE2ORDER in combination with PMS protel make your internal work processes easier?

From my experience, almost everyone considers the entry of registration forms to be a nuisance and, moreover, it is quite time-consuming. For this reason, we no longer offer guests any other option than to fill out the registration form digitally via the straiv by CODE2ORDER solutions. In this way, the employees can devote the time gained to tasks that are clearly more important – the service for the guest.

Do the solutions from straiv by CODE2ORDER help you in the current situation with hygiene requirements? Or can you reduce contacts through digital solutions?

We have definitely been able to reduce the contact with guests through straiv by CODE2ORDER. We welcome our guests and only hand over the key card. They receive important information in advance via the Guest Journey Messaging.

We receive all the information we need from the guests via the digital check-in process.

Overall, we want to further reduce guest contact during the ongoing pandemic and are already looking forward to the new developments from straiv by CODE2ORDER and protel that will further automate the arrival and departure process of our guests at the hotel.

Thank you Anja for the interview and thank you SI-SUITES for the trust in our solutions and our team! We are looking forward to further cooperation with you and wish you a lot of patience for the coming weeks.

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