Best Western Hotel Erb optimizes the check-in & -out process at the reception desk

Our hotel of the month in September is the Best Western Hotel Erb. Since 1968, the family-run hotel offers its guests 123 elegant rooms and suites. High-quality equipped rooms, which offer a lot of comfort, are waiting for the guests. The Best Western Hotel Erb is located in Parsdorf, close to Munich, the Munich Trade Fair Center and the ICM. With the help of solutions from straiv by CODE2ORDER, the hotel was able to optimize the check-in and check-out process at the reception desk.

The Best Western Hotel Erb creates a unique feel-good experience. In addition to the exclusive room facilities, the hotel impresses with its personal service. To ensure guests have a pleasant stay, the hotel also relies on a digital guest service.

In addition to online check-in and check-out and a digital guest directory, hotel guests are also offered a web door opening via their own smartphone. Also, guests have the option to check-in at the check-in kiosk upon arrival, where they can directly encode their key card. In addition, payment of outstanding invoice items is possible during online check-in or check-out on a smartphone or kiosk. Hotel guests are automatically reminded by e-mail before their stay to check in or fill out the registration form, and can do this on their own smartphone while on the road, at home on their laptop, or upon arrival at the self-check-in kiosk. Hotel guests enjoy the individual and personal service made possible thanks to the elimination of administrative tasks.

The following solutions for a digital guest journey are in use at Best Western Hotel Erb:

Guests receive access to the online check-in by mail and can fill out the registration form on their own smartphone, pay and check in with one click on the link – without an app download.

Hotel software for digital support of hotel reception and intelligent processes:

With the interfaces between the systems in use at Hotel Erb, automatic data transfer becomes possible. This simplifies the work at the hotel reception, guest information is automatically updated in the PMS and administrative tasks are eliminated.