Hotel of the month: Abasto Hotels

The Abasto Hotels use the solutions Digital Check-in & out including Door Opening (Key Card Coding), Digital Guest Directory and Guest Journey Messaging for a digital hotel concept. The small and medium-sized hotel chain, with 3 properties, will open another hotel in Dachau in early 2022. The 3-star superior hotels have a total of 120 rooms and continue to grow.

An efficient check-in without unnecessary contacts

The digital solutions of straiv by CODE2ORDER for the Check-in & Check-out process, as well as for booking services and obtaining information during the hotel stay, have been used by the hotels since 2020. The decision to use the digital solutions was reinforced by the current Corona situation. This allows hotels to minimize contacts more easily, and hotel guests do everything through their own smartphone or device.

“The solutions allow us to pay more attention to our guests who want personalized service and respond to individual requests. For our hotel guests who value efficient check-in without unnecessary contacts, we offer our digital solutions. This is currently working really well for us. Our guests are extremely satisfied, the processes run without manual intervention and we can focus on the important tasks,” says Maximilian Tóth, Director Marketing & Sales, Abasto Hotels.

The Check-in KIOSK including key-card encoding station in use

Currently, Abasto hotels use a Check-in KIOSK with coding station for door opening. The software for the KIOSK is provided by straiv by CODE2ORDER. With the interface of straiv by CODE2ORDER to the locking system provider Häfele and the property management system ibelsa, the complete check-in including Key Card Coding becomes possible. Hotel guests log in at the KIOSK with the reservation number and name (alternatively via the QR code received by e-mail) and can then fill in all the data for the registration form and activate the room card. Room cards are located in a safe, the access code of which guests also receive by e-mail before arrival.

This is how self-check-in works at Abasto Hotels:

Hotel check-out including payment via the guests' smartphone

The Abasto Hotels have also digitized the check-out process with the help of straiv by CODE2ORDER and the interface to the payment provider concardis. Hotel guests can thus easily check out via their own device and pay any outstanding invoice items.

The benefits of digital solutions for the Abasto Hotels team

“We can access our implemented solutions from anywhere. Even from the home office. For example, if our reception desk is only staffed by certain hours, we can still provide our service to our hotel guests even if we are not in the building,” says Maximilian Tóth.

Abasto Hotels would like to continue to digitalize and, above all, simplify processes as far as possible. The solution that works in the hotel in Munich Feldmoching is to be rolled out to the other hotels as well. Here, the team has created an environment in which some things can be tested, prepared and perfected. The hotel chain also wants to eliminate paper and unnecessary hardware for sustainability reasons. This is where the solutions from straiv by CODE2ORDER assist, as the Progressive Web App allows guests to access the system via their own device without having to download an app. Additionally, all registration forms are filled out and stored digitally and no info directories are needed in the rooms.

“Overall, the COVID-19 situation has taught us that we can do a lot of things digitally and remotely, like rolling out a new solution at our hotel. This encourages us to continue to expand this way of working in the future. We can work more effectively and faster than before and simply respond better to the wishes of our guests.” Maximilian Tóth, Director Sales & Marketing, Abasto Hotels.

The whole interview with Maximilian Tóth, Director Sales & Marketing of Abasto Hotels:

The following solutions are used by Abasto Hotels for internal process optimization and a digital and largely contactless guest service:

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