Hotel of the month: MK Hotels

This month we interviewed Arno Sonderfeld, Managing Director of Schlossbräu MK Hotels GmbH, in our “Hotel of the Month” section. MK Hotels have been using straiv by CODE2ORDER solutions for 4 years and have now automated the entire check-in process including Web Door Opening. For this purpose, the hotel group relies on the PMS protel and the locking system provider 4SUITES in addition to straiv by CODE2ORDER.

What digital solutions do you have in place?

We cover the guest journey via straiv by CODE2ORDER, including the complete mailing (Guest Journey Mailing), which we use to send all important information about the hotel stay. For check-in we use straiv by CODE2ORDER in combination with the Property Management System protel the payment provider Adyen and the door locking system provider 4SUITES.

Guests can fill out the registration form either from home via their own smartphone or upon arrival at the hotel via a tablet. In addition, we use the Digital Guest Directory, here we mainly use the “Green Choice” option, with which guests can cancel housekeeping during their stay.

In the video interview with Arno Sonderfeld, you can find out more details about the digitization process of check-in, including door opening and payment:

Why did you digitize the entire check-in process, including the door opening?

We believe that our front office is there to provide guest service and personal attention – but not for administrative tasks such as manual check-in and check-out. Digital solutions can take care of that. We also firmly believe that in the future it will be normal for hotel guests to be able to control their hotel stay with their own smartphone. 

We wanted a solution for that. A solution that focuses on the guests and allows them to experience a 360-degree full service. Similar to how it currently works with various airlines. Here, passengers receive the boarding pass on their own smartphone, can check-in flexibly and always have the QR code for admission at hand. 

This is exactly what we want to offer our guests. No key cards that can be lost or forgotten, no haptic guest Directories in the rooms. All important information and services are bundled and available on the smartphone via QR code.

That’s why we decided to use the solutions from straiv by CODE2ORDER. This allows us to digitally display the Guest Directory, as well as Check-in and Check-out – without any app download for our guests. The systems protel, straiv by CODE2ORDER and 4SUITES are very well connected. Processes can be mapped smoothly digitally.

We now have an opening rate of 65% via the Digital Key or Web Door Opening. This means that only a small proportion of our guests actually still need a key card.

What do you see as the biggest benefits of digital solutions?

The use of digital solutions makes our work at the reception desk tremendously easier. This is mainly possible due to the well-functioning interfaces and the communication between the systems. We can automate processes and thus create more freedom and flexibility for ourselves.

We offer our guests a service that is similar to an online store. Payment, check-in and booking of other services can be done completely flexibly even before arrival. Our guests can thus arrive completely relaxed and in their own time – independent of reception times.

What advantages does straiv by CODE2ORDER offer you?

straiv by CODE2ORDER offers us an all-round package. In addition to digital Check-in and Check-out, we have digitized the Guest Directory. Our guests receive all the important information about their stay before they arrive, and services can also be booked flexibly via their own smartphone during their stay at the hotel.

Another function that facilitates our internal process is “Green Choice”. With one click, hotel guests can cancel room cleaning and receive a free drink as a thank you (in our case, our home-brewed Schlossbräu beer). This has enabled us to optimize our cleaning process and save on operating costs. We also work in an environmentally friendly way.

We really appreciate the high flexibility in the team at straiv by CODE2ORDER. New suggestions and ideas, which make our daily hotel routine much easier, are quickly implemented. Here, straiv by CODE2ORDER is proactive and approaches the relevant partners to create real added value for us and our processes through digitalization.

What is your vision for the future or what do you still want to realize?

We would like to implement and expand the Web Door Opening, as well as the Digital Registration Form and Check-in & -out in all our properties. In addition, we would also like to enable payment at online check-in via straiv by CODE2ORDER (with our partner adyen). This way, the payment is automatically transferred and booked into the PMS protel – no more process errors can occur. For us, this is a complete and smooth system.

Many thanks to Arno Sonderfeld (Managing Director of Schlossbräu MK Hotels GmbH) for the interview and the trust in our solutions and our team!

More information about MK Hotels can be found here.

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