The hotel of the month in April: St. Hubertus Black Forest Hospitality

Black Forest Hospitality, operates vacation rentals and apartments in the beautiful Black Forest. Among them the serviced apartment complex St. Hubertus. There, the solutions Check-in KIOSK including Registration Form, Check-out and the Digital Guest Directory from straiv by CODE2ORDER are in use.

We interviewed Roxana Eschbacher, guest service manager at Black Forest Hospitality, and Nils Deville, general manager at Black Forest Hospitality, as part of our “Hotel of the Month” series. The two gave us an insight into their everyday hotel life and revealed how they use straiv by CODE2ORDER solutions in combination with partners. They also tell us what other projects they are already in the starting blocks with.

How did you discover straiv by CODE2ORDER and why did you choose our solutions?

To automate our operations we use the pms system apaleo. For us, the thought was, how do we take the next step to facilitate the guest journey but also simplify our processes. In the context of apaleo, we came across straiv by CODE2ORDER. After testing the solution, we decided to go with straiv by CODE2ORDER, because the system works for us in a very pragmatic and solution-oriented way and is a very nice overall package.

How do the solutions support you in your daily hotel life?

It accompanies us during the entire guest journey. It already starts with the booking confirmation, which the guest receives via straiv by CODE2ORDER. During his stay he has the opportunity to view various information, he can look at the house rules, can find out about everything, such as the sights in the area and then also has the option to check-out independently via the Check-out email, – so it’s an all-round package.

You also use HÄFELE as door locking system in combination with straiv by CODE2ORDER. What is the advantage for you?

In our St. Hubertus Apartments our guests have the possibility to check-in by themselves. This feature will always be available in future objects. This means that the guest arrives, enters their booking code at our Check-in KIOSK and can check-in via the straiv by CODE2ORDER KIOSK solution and independently code their room card for their room. On the one hand, this means that someone does not have to be permanently on site, but it also creates a certain level of security for the guest against the current Corona background.

This is what Check-in including Key Card Door Opening looks like in practice:

In summer 2020, you already had straiv by CODE2ORDER in use with full hotel operations. How was the response from your guests?

What is actually used a lot is the booking confirmation, which guests receive directly after booking. Furthermore, the Pre-Check-in function is also used. Means, I fill out my data for the Registration Form before arrival and then I only have to check-in on site. During the stay, the Digital Guest Directory is used to look at sights, restaurant recommendations, the nearest grocery store, where can I dispose all of my trash – all these things you want and need to know during your stay.

What are your plans for the future with straiv by CODE2ORDER?

We are currently in the process of commissioning or preparing three further projects. We will also use straiv by CODE2ORDER and apaleo in combination for these businesses. What will still be important for us in the future is the topic of Mobile Check-in. This means being able to open the doors with a cell phone and also integrating a payment solution in the Check-in KIOSK. These are the steps that are currently already being planned.