The hotel of the month in March: DASBREITEHOTEL

Our hotel of the month in March is DASBREITEHOTEL in Basel. Architectural design worth seeing, clear design and functional, contemporary furnishings – this makes the hotel a design and lifestyle hotel directly on the Rhein. The hotel has several of straiv by CODE2ORDER’s digital solutions in place, ensuring streamlined processes. This in turn creates time for the important things in the hotel’s everyday life, namely the personal atmosphere and a dedicated and warm hospitality.

How do straiv by CODE2ORDER solutions support you?

The solutions from straiv by CODE2ORDER support us in several areas. The so-called Guest Journey Mailing facilitates our daily work in the hotel or in the front office enormously. We were looking for a product for an automated guest mailing for reservations, cancellations or changes of travel dates and have met these requirements with straiv by CODE2ORDER and the interface to apaleo perfectly. In addition, the entire check-in process is covered digitally via straiv by CODE2ORDER, which saves us a lot of time. Also in use is the Digital Guest Directory, which we started with. We approached it slowly with the idea of avoiding unnecessary steps & paper in the long run.

How is the Digital Registration Form accepted by the guests?

Basically, we notice that already shortly after the introduction of straiv by CODE2ORDER, some registration forms were filled out digitally in advance. The backend of straiv by CODE2ORDER makes it possible to make your own adjustments to the queries, so we have adapted the settings to our wishes and the option to fill out the registration form in advance or to make the check-in in advance, this is used regularly.

How does Digital Check-in make your internal work processes easier?

We already have all the contact details before the guests arrive and can thus greatly shorten the check-in process. The solution has greatly simplified the process of arrival of individual guests.

What do you particularly like about straiv by CODE2ORDER/ Do you have a favorite feature?

The new update makes it easy to record information about accompanying persons in advance when filling out the registration form. In addition, the data is automatically transferred to our PMS apaleo – we are particularly pleased about this, as it allows us to automate the check-in process even further.

Thank you for the interview and your trust in us and our solutions.

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